Jina Phenix BEM – Vice-Chieftain

Having lived and studied in the UK for 10 years, Jina set up a manufacturing
company making ladies formal wear and garments under the brand name
Pauljina Collection, worked between Thailand – UK building and promoting this
business. She was a pioneer in e-commerce creating and managing one of the
first internet clothing businesses for bespoke clothing starting in the UK in 2005.

Her interest in ecommerce and design stems from studying Computing
and Information Technology at The College of West Anglia in England and
Commercial Art at Surathani College Thailand. Jina returned to Thailand 2009
and started to be involved volunteering behind the scenes helping finding
sponsors for the Bangkok St Andrew’s Society since 2011 and was elected as
Vice-Chieftain in 2023. Jina joined the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
(BCCT) as Business Development Manager in October 2013 to March 2024,
helping to ensure that the BCCT remains as the largest foreign Chamber of
Commerce in Asia. She initiated and led the BCCT vaccination programme to
support all nationals in Thailand during the COVID 19 pandemic. Jina received 3
awards from this project including Award of a British Empire Medal (BEM) by
King Charles III in the New Year Honours 2024. Jina is now responsible for
partnerships with Phoenix Media Partners – Pearson Education Thailand to
offer modern language learning and testing tools for businesses to support
language training for employees and recruitment processes, etc (online instant
result test and online learning anywhere, any time training modules with a
master control panel). Jina is also a Board of Advisor for Private Sector
Engagement at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in Thailand. Her passion
is to speak many languages, learn different cultures, help people, save the
world and connect people. Jina is fluent in English, Thai and Laos.